Edinburgh Key Cutting Service and Locksmiths

Whether your looking for a key cutting service in Edinburgh just for a spair pair of keys or something more urgent such as a locksmith, we’ve got you covered.

With the latter by the time you are at the stage where you need to call a professional locksmith, the situation is often critical enough to require the work of a trusted, reliable locksmith and key-cutting service.

Here you will read all the information about companies in the Edinburgh area, the former providing a wide range high-quality, fully-licensed locksmith services while the latter’s multitude of handy services includes key cutting for house keys, car keys, and more. Go to locksmiths.

Gorgie Cobblers Key Cutting Service

Areas Covered: Edinburgh

Opening Hours: Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri: 8:30 – 17:30, Wed 08:30 -16:30, Sat 09-13:00

Contact Number: 0131 337 8391

Physical Address: 244 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2PL

Gorgie Cobblers is a well-established, family-run business with experience in the industry that extends beyond 40 years in total. Located at 244 Gorgie Rd, Edinburgh (EH11 2PL), this business provides those living in the Edinburgh area with a range of services including comprehensive, professional shoe repair, key cutting, and peripheral services such as engraving and sharpening of various tools and blades.

Gorgie Cobblers’ key cutting service is of most interest here, however, with this business claiming to stock a variety of the most common household keys. In addition to standard household keys such as Union, Yale, Rusko, Asec, and more, this business also offers a car-key cutting service. This car-key service includes cutting of more traditional key types, as well as offering the supply and programming of many newer-style transponder keys. This business even offers a mobile locksmith service, ensuring that you can have your locks replaced or have keys cut even when faced with an emergency.

The Gorgie Cobblers website is another example of a simple yet fit-for-purpose online presence for a small family-run business. It offers plenty of information on the various services offered, including contact details for the key cutting and locksmith services that it offers. Unfortunately, this business does not currently have a Facebook page, however it does have a presence on Twitter which despite not being regularly updated, contains contact information and gives the business a more confident online presence. You will also find a variety of reviews on Yelp, all of which are positive.

More information can be found on the Gorgie Cobblers website, with information on the Key Cutting services in Edinburh at gorgiecobblers.co.uk

DSB Locksmith Services

Areas Covered: Edinburgh (Midlothian, West Lothian, East Lothian)

Opening Hours: 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Contact Number: 0800 107 6374 (Free) / 0773 801 3039

Physical Address: 16B Saughton Mains Gardens, Edinburgh, EH11 3GX

DSB Locksmith Services is a company run by highly-experienced locksmith Douglas Blakey. Located in Edinburgh and servicing a variety of areas within and around the city, this company offers a professional locksmith service that is backed up by many years of experience in the trade.

As you would expect from any reputable locksmith, DBS is a mobile locksmith that offers an on-call service, ensuring that they can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for both non-emergency or emergency lock situations that might arise. These working hours also include holidays and weekends, with the claim on the website being that they work “365 days a year”. DBS Locksmith Services cover the city of Edinburgh, including Midlothian, West Lothian, and East Lothian, with the website also claiming that their coverage is comprehensive enough to ensure that you are reached within 30 minutes of your call.

Services offered by DBS are wide-ranging, with the 24-hour locksmith service being just one of their many products offered. Once DBS reaches you, its professional lock technicians can offer services such as lock repair and/or replacement, UPVC window & door lock repair/replacement, supply and fitting of mortice locks, garage door lock repair & replacement, supply and fitting of nightlatch locks, and the supply and full fitting of cylinder locks. In addition to these more traditional locksmith services, DBS also offer a mobile key-cutting service as well as safe installation for home or business. Effectively, this makes DBS an extremely good service for non-destructive lock opening, repair, and replacement.

DBS’ online business presence is also impressive, offering a simple but well-designed website that is easily navigable, presenting all of the services offered in a visually-pleasing, concise manner. Perhaps most importantly for those looking to choose a quality locksmith service, the website’s About Us section displays a variety of positive customer reviews, extracted from various platforms including the company’s Facebook page. This should certainly put your mind at ease when this company as your locksmith, since a company without an online presence can often be much less accountable for their services and therefore instils much less confidence in customers.

Should you be in need of an Edinburgh locksmith you can visit dsblocksmithedinburgh.uk to arrange an appointment quickly and find all of the contact information you require.