Films Shot in Edinburgh

Though Scorcese and Ridley Scott (as well as the bias-carrying folks over at Netflix) may diverge from this opinion somewhat, the cinema is dead narrative doesn’t quite fit in with the reality. Sure, people continue to head out in troves for the latest generic superhero-franchise films, as well as various reboots that feel as if they’re not worth the effort it takes to look at the screen for more than 5 minutes. However, whether it’s artistic integrity, weighty character development, drama, comedy, or just comforting action-adventure you’re after, there are both recent and more distant examples of fine cinema to be consumed by your senses. Better yet, some of the greatest of these films were actually shot, either in part or in full, in Scotland’s fine capital city.

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The Spectacular Edinburgh Military Tattoo!

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo takes place every year in August and is a real crowd pleaser in terms of its spectacle and the rousing music featured in the ceremonial displays. Visitors to Edinburgh relish the chance to view the Tattoo in all its glory, while the ceremonial traditions along with fabulous traditional music portrayed in the Tattoo is truly unforgettable. Let’s take a look at the Tattoo’s origins plus what we can expect to witness when watching this extravaganza!

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National Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight, based at Fortune Airfield, near Edinburgh, is known as the best aviation site in the world. It houses a massive collection of war planes and other essential flying paraphernalia. The Museum started out as an RAF airship and fighter base in World War I. We provide a brief account of the museum’s history and what guest can expect to see during their visit.

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The Amazing History of Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the major tourist attractions of Scotland’s capital city and stands magnificently overlooking the city’s main street in all its glory. Here we take a look at the origins of the castle plus its chequered history that has seen battles, intrigue and the comings and goings of kings and queens a plenty over the centuries.

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